Call For Panelists

WordCamp Boston is a community event that brings together designers, bloggers, developers, artists, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and educators from all across New England. It’s our mission to have WordCamp Boston represent the passion, talent and diversity of that community, and we want you to be a part of it!

This year, we want to encourage more discussion and different viewpoints on common topics, so we hope to run a few panels. If you’re interested in speaking on a panel for one of the topics listed below, please volunteer! If you think we’re missing a topic, let us know by suggesting it.

Looking to submit your own topic? Try the Call for Speakers page!

What We Look For

Let’s reiterate that we do NOT require you to be famous, or “expert,” or a programmer, or specifically credentialed, or anything like that. If you haven’t spoken at a conference before, don’t let that hold you back! All we ask is that you be able to talk about the panel topic passionately and respectfully.

We do have a general guideline for panelists, though. Please be respectful of the WordPress community, the WordCamp code of conduct, and the GPL.

Event Details

  • Talks will be on Saturday July 22nd & Sunday July 23rd.
  • Panels will be a total of 45 minutes, and we’ll work with you and your fellow panelists to set up a list of questions beforehand. We’ll also likely open to audience questions for the second half.
  • We plan to record all talks and post the videos to Speakers will need to sign an A/V release form prior to the panel.
  • Speakers will be offered free admission to WordCamp Boston, but will not be otherwise compensated.

The panelist form has closed! We’ll be contacting panelists shortly and will announce them soon. Contact us if you have any questions about the process.